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downtown west jeffersonThere is nothing quite like a trip to the northwestern part of North Carolina. When it comes to rolling hills, glistening streams, and inviting communities, this area is fit to bust with enchantment and adventure. Among the various counties to see (and delightful towns within each of them), we cannot recommend enough to travelers that they visit Ashe County. When it comes to offering a perfect combination of small, secluded getaways and bustling, vivacious venues, this is a choice that is certain to satisfy the entire family. Within Ashe County, West Jefferson, NC remains a fan favorite for its wondrous abundance of indoor and outdoor activities. If you’re ready to schedule the vacation of a lifetime within the beautiful mountain region of North Carolina, don’t delay! Take a look at some of our favorite lodging options and Airbnbs in the county.

Book Your Unforgettable Ashe County Trip

The best trips always start with a good night’s sleep. And what better way of refreshing yourself and setting the day up for success than a night at a high quality overnight lodging in Ashe County? We’ve got a few choice hotspots in mind for you. Choose one of these Airbnbs, and you’ll be ready to tackle whatever lies ahead during your High Country holiday!

The Travelers Suite at The Feathered Nest Downtown

west jefferson airbnbLocation: West Jefferson
Lodging Size: Entire Loft

The Travelers Suite at The Feathered Nest Downtown is a chic loft boasting 1680 square footage of complete R&R. This Airbnb is the perfect choice for a romantic retreat, offering an elegant atmosphere and cozy quarters. Within walking range of downtown West Jefferson, you have the option to stay in and cook using the gorgeous kitchen or meander through the streets of West Jefferson for a bite to eat. No matter your goals for daytime activities, The Travelers Suite is a surefire option for recharging overnight, so that you can do it all again tomorrow!

The Reminiscent Suite at The Feathered Nest WJ

airbnb west jeffersonLocation: West Jefferson
Lodging Size: Entire Loft

Just a few steps away from the aforementioned Airbnb lies another gem of West Jefferson lodging options. The Reminiscent Suite at The Feathered Nest WJ is another stylish loft, teeming with elegance and sophistication. With chic walk-in showers, a fully-loaded kitchen, and stunning granite counters, you might just find yourself struggling to want to leave the loft to go out on the town! We can’t blame you, honestly. And thanks to the huge flat-screen TV in the spacious living room, you have the option of staying in and lounging if that fits the bill moreso than a hike along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

UpTown Loft – Downtown West Jefferson, NC

best airbnb west jeffersonLocation: West Jefferson
Lodging Size: Entire Loft

Another option within West Jefferson’s downtown area is the fresh and fabulous UpTown Loft. This is an ideal escape for those who would rather soak up the sights of the North Carolina mountains than actually lace up their hiking boots and explore them. No judgment from us! Regardless of your activity goals for your Ashe County trip, this unit offers plenty of space for the entire family during your stay in West Jefferson. With its two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and fully-equipped kitchen, you’ll have everything you need and more for a comfortable vacation. If you’d like to be a stone’s throw away from the fun and excitement of West Jefferson’s arts district, look no further than this Airbnb.

Sky Loft – Downtown West Jefferson, NC

west jefferson best airbnbLocation: West Jefferson
Lodging Size: Entire Apartment

West Jefferson is certainly in no short supply of incredible lodging locations, and this Airbnb is no exception to the rule of high quality places to stay in the area. The Sky Loft is a mid-century apartment with a modern vibe. In addition to its expansive layout, it comes with free WiFi and a flat-screen TV. Embrace the comfort and convenience of The Sky Loft as you chill with the family for a night of movies on Netflix or wander around the downtown area to enjoy the various art galleries or delectable eateries abounding. Don’t forget to squeeze in some time for a trip to the Ashe County Cheese factory!

2nd Street Retreat

ashe county airbnbLocation: West Jefferson
Lodging Size: Entire Apartment

This four bedroom, two bathroom apartment is the physical embodiment of relaxing in style. The 2nd Street Retreat is newly renovated within a historic building in West Jefferson’s downtown area, so overnighters will enjoy easy access to several streetside amenities. As for the unit itself, plenty of conveniences are to be found. From the large master bathroom with a double sink vanity and 67″ soaking tub to the open floor plan of the kitchen, dining, and living quarters—you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better retreat for the entire family during your Ashe County trip.


best airbnb ashe countyLocation: West Jefferson
Lodging Size: Entire Apartment

A sparkling clean apartment that overlooks West Jefferson’s downtown area, Vincenzo’s is an affordable option for your overnight stay. You’ll be greeted with the warmth of the sun as natural light illuminates the entire front living area and open kitchen. The two bedrooms allow enough space for a group of friends to come together for a vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains or a small family getaway from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the wonderful price and terrific location of Vincenzo’s!

Embark on Your Journey to Ashe County, NC

After a trip or two to the breathtaking mountains of North Carolina, it goes without saying that the High Country real estate of Ashe County will be on your radar. When you’re ready to lay roots in one of the best places in the United States, get in touch with the top real estate agency in Ashe County. Regency Properties is here to help you navigate the booming real estate market and find the commercial, residential, or land property of your dreams.

Don’t put off securing your dream home in West Jefferson or any other Ashe County town! Call the experts at Regency Properties today. You can reach us at 336-246-2307. Emails are always welcome at as well. Our team of professionals look forward to serving you soon!