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Buying a home can be an exciting yet anxious experience for first-time buyers as well as for those who have previously been through the process. Whether you want to be located close to town near the shopping and amenities or nestled away in the woods outside any of the nearby towns.

Over the past year, many have determined to flee the cities for a more reasonable environment like we enjoy here in Ashe County, NC. The appeal of leaving the pressures of the city for the mountain views, rivers, hiking and overall beauty of High Country.

Ashe County is known for its slower-paced lifestyle. Unlike larger cities, residents do not have to navigate public transportation systems or big crowds. There is also quick access to shops, restaurants and activities that are easily accessible by walking down Jefferson Avenue or a short drive.

John Blevins of Regency Properties was recently quoted as saying, “Right now, as compared to years past, real estate inventory is low. This is because of the influx of people moving here from other areas and states, aiming to get away from the hustle and bustle and the physical closeness that comes with more urban settings.”

The growing ability to work remotely and the attraction of our friendly, easygoing community are just a couple of the deciding factors for those considering the move to our little corner of North Carolina.

Because of our more moderate summer temperatures, many from the coast and central, Piedmont region of North Carolina are finding their way here. People seem to be tiring of the extensive heat and expensive living on the coast and just to the East of us in High Country.

Another major deciding factor for younger families moving to the area has been our school system. John Blevins said, “Thanks to our school system, most students excel. Future opportunities are great for students. There’s just a willingness to engage and what comes of that is a lot of scholarships awarded in this area.”

Want to experience the abundant opportunity of small-town living? Give us a call and let us show you around our town and let you see for yourself why you will want to live here too!

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