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Back in May, we talked about how people were going to be flocking to the mountains from the cities. We all know that city life isn’t what it used to be and the real estate trends we are currently witnessing here in High Country North Carolina are the proof.

So, what’s the proof? The numbers. July 2020 sales in High Country exceeded July 2019 sales by $62 Million or 69% resulting in $152 Million in sales. This is the largest sales volume in a single month ever in High Country and almost all of this is from residential sales!

I really don’t think anyone needs to discuss the details of how city life has changed (for the worse) or why people are choosing to rediscover the values of living in the country where the air is fresh and life is a little simpler.

What one may consider however is whether or not it is time to start looking at making the move away from the worsening conditions of city life and toward a better life in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

If this sounds like some of your thoughts or if you are curious about how it might be possible to make YOUR move to the mountains of Western North Carolina, just talk with us. Let us show you around our part of the country and share with you some of the many opportunities available now and in the very near future.

Just remember, where there is a real estate boom, opportunites of all kinds also appear. Let us share them with YOU!

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